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  Fergal's factfile

Name Fergal
E-mail address
Home  Naas, Kildare
Birthday  12th March
Interests Music, messing with computers, Gadgets
Likes and Dislikes  likes : food, beer, money and days off work. dislikes : not having my likes
Ambitions Just to be happy.
Favourite Musician or Band Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, most forms of Rock Music, once it is live and not all synths and drum machines I'm happy
Who or what makes you laugh  Homer J Simpson, and me when I'm out on the beer
Favourite Food or Drink  If it involves vegetables or salad forget it everything else is yummy. Coke, Budweiser, and anything from a chinese 
What was the first and last record you bought  Can't remember the first (I think I do remember the first but to embarrased to tell you) The Darkness, a pretty good album
Person you'd like to meet  Homer Simpson, Phil Lynott (which can't happen unfortunately) and Gary Moore
Person you'd least like to meet  Nicholas Cage, anyone from a boy or a girl band.  
Describe yourself in five words  Quiet, Geeky, Happy, and content. 
Favourite Movie and TV show  Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Snatch, Lock stock....   
What way do you relax Messing with the computer or a bit of DIY around the house.
Funniest thing you have ever done Woke up with the worlds worst hangover and got caught out by a simple stupid computer virus. I deleted everything on my PC when it was not necessary. The hassle of it. It wasn't funny at the time,  but it is now. I recommend it as a cure for a hangover
Worst thing you have done See above
What equipment do you use in the band 40gb harddrive split into 4, 256mb Ram, Intel pentium III which is clocked CD-RW/DVD, Windows XP. I have a second PC for backup and storage. Microsoft Photodraw, Cute Ftp,  Macromedia Flash MX, dedicated web server, with a shit load of speed and room, massive phone bill. Eyes and ears to hear and see the band.






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