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Revelate are a Rock band from Kildare, Ireland. Yes we are Irish and we are very proud to be from the Emerald Isle. We have a great passion for Rock Music. Damo (drums & backing vocals), Ken (Guitar and vocals) and Nozzy (bass guitar) all have our own different styles and musical influences which seem to blend together perfectly. We are not full time musicians yet, but it would be a dream of ours for that to come true. We recorded our first CD in Oct '01 entitled enjoy the spin. This CD is available to download from this site. For more information on us please have a look through the rest of this site. 

Sunday 6th June. 

 It would be good if we could get some feedback from you guys about what you think of this place email me your thoughts, at least then I would know what you like about this place if changes have to be made in the future. Yes the updates have been slow but that is due to a lack of interest from me and because other things have taken priority. The enthusiasm is sneaking back in so things should improve.

There is a mailing list set up which will keep you informed with updates and news. If you want to join this list please fill in your details below. Your mail address will not be passed on to anyone. It will only be used to keep you up to date with Revelate. That's a promise as I know how annoying spam mail is. While on this subject I will never send you a mail with an attachment. If I have to I will let you know in advance or post it up on the site. So if you ever receive a mail from me or anyone with an address from with something attached please for you own safety bin it.





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