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  Kenballs factfile

Name Kenneth
Aka Kenballs
E-mail address
Home  Somewhere far away
Birthday  28th October
Marital status Single
Interests Gaelic football, Fishing, most definitely Music
Likes and Dislikes  Likes Hard working rock bands, Dislikes Sparkling water
Ambitions To perform live in front of thousands of people
Favourite Musician or Band Mr James Hetfield (Metallica)
Who or what makes you laugh  My fellow band members and smack (not the drug, smack the person)
Favourite Food or Drink  Bacon & cabbage, Milk
What was the first and last record you bought  The Best of Rainbow
Person you'd like to meet  James Hetfield
Person you'd least like to meet  Eminem
Describe yourself in five words  Mental, Energetic, Happy as ever, Exciting, Mad
Favourite Movie and TV show  Cobra / Podge & Rodge
What way do you relax Lying up listening to good music
Funniest thing you have ever done No comment
Worst thing you have done Blew up a Marshall amp onstage
What equipment do you use in the band White Jackson Slx , Boss pedals, Mesa boogie DC5 dual caliber amp



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