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  Nozzy's factfile

Name Nozzy
Aka Nozzy
E-mail address
Home  Card board box
Birthday  6th Oct
Marital status Single
Interests Music & sports
Likes and Dislikes  Likes Playing in the band, Dislikes Dance music
Ambitions To make Revelate a full time job
Favourite Musician or Band Metallica, Thin Lizzy, Nirvana
Who or what makes you laugh  The lads in the band
Favourite Food or Drink  Taco / Coke
What was the first and last record you bought  Nirvana - Nevermind, Black Sabbath Box set.
Person you'd like to meet  James Hetfield
Person you'd least like to meet  No one really
Describe yourself in five words  Honest, Opinionated, Moody, Hard working, Shy
Favourite Movie and TV show  Usual suspects, The Simpson's
What way do you relax Play my Guitar, Football
Funniest thing you have ever done Dressed up for a few gigs
Worst thing you have done Broke a string at a gig & did not have a spare one.
What equipment do you use in the band Trace Elliot ah300-7 amp, Trace Elliot 2x10 cab, Hohner Bass, Musicman Bass



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