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28th May I've updated the scroll and the news on the main page. Two funny videos and a game and also some jokes have been added. 
23rd May 4 funny videos added. The news part of the main page has been changed
19th May Funny flash files added and a funny video also some just strange links
14th May Some funny videos and a funny photo have been added. Give us your comments on the site please or it may disappear due to bandwidth problems. 
11th May I've added a new game, a funny flash, and some funny videos. 
9th May The news part on the main page has been changed. Some funny photos, flash files and videos have been added. 
2nd May Some funny photos and jokes have been added.
1st May No updates during last week, sorry but I was not feeling too good. Back today. I have added the forum link to all the pages, some funny flash files, just strange links and a funny photo has been added. More later. 




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